Flip Shelton


Flip Shelton is a writer, presenter, broadcaster, natural muesli maker and mum. She is currently writing for The New Daily and her third cookbook, Smart Snacks, published by Penguin, has just been released. For the third year in a row, she co-hosted "Summer Feast" on 3AW during December and January.

Writer (Print)

Flip has had three cookbooks published:

Green (Hardie Grant, 2002) quickly sold out.

Veg In (Wakefield Press, 2011) won best Australian Vegetarian Cookbook for 2011 at the Worldwide Gourmand Worldwide Cookbook Awards.

Smart Snacks (Penguin Random House, 2019) with Michael Carr-Gregg


She has also published six children's books and a compilation of break-up letters (with Kate Langbroek).

Flip has written for TV Week and Australian Triathlete and contributed regularly to the Herald Sun's food, travel, TV and opinion pages (including her own column). She has recently been writing for The New Daily:

Presenter (TV)

Over 20 years, Flip has presented or appeared on pay TV and-free-to air programs, including:

Broadcaster (Radio)

For ten years, Flip talked about food on 3RRR's:

She then spent seven years talking about TV on:

Flip has also talked food, fitness and/or TV on:

Muesli maker

From 2001, Flip searched in vain for muesli she liked. When she began training for 'Ironman' events (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride, 42 km run) her need for food for energy and recovery became critical. Sick of waiting for a 'big' brand to get muesli right, Flip decided to do it herself.

In February 2006, she launched her own natural muesli range.

Today, as a parent and business owner, food is just as important to Flip. She's learnt that no matter what your age or occupation, you need a delicious and nutritious breakfast to get the most from yourself.

To this end, Flip has made it easy to 'eat like a king at breakfast' (an ancient yogi philosophy she subscribes to). Her natural breakfast range now includes six mueslis (including a gluten-free blend) and a five-grain porridge. And there's more on the way!

See The history of Flip's muesli to learn more.


Flip has a eight year old son, Harvey. Together they created the 'fruit & coconut natural muesli blend' for kids to enjoy. Harvey is now working on another blend which will be released soon.