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Flip Shelton and Michael Carr-Gregg: Smart Snacks

Smart Snacks book
In Australia nearly one in four teenagers meet the criteria for serious mental illness and suicide rates are at their highest level in 10 years. On top of this one in four children aged 2-17 were considered overweight or obese in 2015. But how do snacks come into this?

Well, diet is proven to be crucial for mental and physical health and snacks can play a significant role in this. Research shows that children aren’t eating properly, with fewer than 5% of teenagers consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables in Australia – but how can we quickly and easily include more of them in a child’s diet?

Nutritious dinners: we know the drill. Healthy lunchboxes: we’ve got those covered. But what about all those tricky times in-between meals when your children moan about being hungry? That’s where Smart Snacks steps in. As they are often overlooked these mini meals can be where children consume the most junk food. As parents themselves, Flip and Michael know that family life is busy so they have developed super-simple recipes that are full of practical time-saving tips that will help parents stop hunger pains in their tracks.

When snacks are well-chosen they can keep hunger at bay, moderate blood sugar and help balance your child’s mood to support them through the day. All of the recipes featured in Smart Snacks are vegetarian and crammed with protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids plus plenty of vitamins and minerals. Many of the recipes are also free from gluten, nuts and dairy so there’s something for everyone!

With over 100 quick, delicious and nourishing recipes, made with everyday ingredients, this manual will become your go-to throughout your child’s school years, especially around exam time!