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Shopping Tip: The 3 kg bags are 20% cheaper than 3 x 1 kg packs!

Don't forget, my five-grain porridge makes an excellent bircher muesli base!
All online orders only cost a flat rate of $10 for packaging, postage and handling – whether you order 1 or 100 packets.

And here at FSNM HQ we re-use shipping boxes to post all online orders. This is because we believe if we all do a little bit every day we can make a BIG impact when comes to our environment.


We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That means it should comprise the best quality ingredients. I've sourced over 30 wholesome, premium quality ingredients from the world's finest suppliers (most of who are here in Australia) to create my naturally delicious and nutritious breakfast range.

I’ve now got 6 different blends in 3 different sizes (500 g - 3 kg) so I’m sure you’ll find something you love. Or perhaps you’ll love all the blends and enjoy a different one each week. AND prices start from as low as $10.90.

My mueslis and porridges are:

  • Hand mixed in small batches. In other words, there's not a machine in sight! This is as home-made as you can get without making it yourself.
  • Made from the best quality ingredients I can find. (I always choose Australian ingredients over imported.)

  • 35% fruit, nuts and seeds. Most other mueslis contain only 15-25% making them an expensive bowl of... oats. Other brands skimp. I don't.

  • Nutritionally dense. (There are no cheap fillers here.)

  • Chunky! The dried fruit comes in bite-sized pieces and I keep the nuts and seeds whole. This means you can see what you're eating and use your teeth for their intended purpose: chewing! This also helps the digestive process.

  • Real. I don't use sugar or oil to sweeten my products or conceal inferior ingredients.
  • Low in GI, which gives you sustained energy release.
  • High in fibre, which helps keep you regular.
  • Low in saturated fat. While we need essential fatty acids, too much saturated fat is not considered to be nutritionally sound by doctors, dieticians, naturopaths and Nutrition Australia.
  • Natural. Toasting grains, nuts and seeds removes water naturally found in these ingredients and changes their molecular structure. This can release trans fats and free radicals, and in doing so changes the nutritional quality. That's why I keep the ingredients in their natural form, with the exception of my honey roasted muesli crumble which is cooked on a low heat for a short time, perfect to stir through yogurt or top onto stewed, roasted or pureed fruit.
  • All of my products are delicious and nutritious, naturally.

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