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Flip Shelton’s natural muesli and porridges are perfect to serve at your café. Why? Because I use only the best quality ingredients, which are hand mixed in small batches to order each week. It saves you precious time and effort. And weekly deliveries to your kitchen door each Friday, means you are ready for the busy weekend trade.

My deluxe mueslis have 35% fruit, nuts and/or seeds, which means you can serve them simply topped with some freshly chopped seasonal fruit, and a splash of icy cold milk or dollop of thick yogurt. A few sprigs of mint add a lovely finishing touch.

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Fruits, nuts & seeds natural muesli

fruit, nuts & seeds natural muesli

This fruit, nuts & seeds natural muesli blend with 11 different best quality ingredients is the perfect all-rounder to headline a breakfast menu. One of the first three natural mueslis I released in 2006, it remains very popular today. Want more info?

3 kg pack = 60 serves.

fruit & coconut natural muesli

This super kid-friendly blend is a must for your kids' menu. It has a very smooth and soft oat blend with shredded coconut and the most popular dried fruits to satisfy your fussiest little customers (and their parents!) with a naturally sweet taste. This blend does not contain nuts, oat bran or added sugar or honey. Want more info?

3 kg pack = 60 serves.

Nuts & seeds natural muesli

nuts & seeds natural muesli

Packed with eight different nuts and seeds, from the BIG Brazil nut to the small sesame seed, this delicious and nutritious blend never fails to impress customers with its unique texture and taste. This blend appeals to those who love a plant based protein punch as well as those wishing to eat fruit-free. Want more info?

3 kg pack = 60 serves.

Gluten-free natural muesli

gluten-free natural muesli

An essential menu option for customers who are Coeliac or choose to be gluten-free. It carries Coeliac Australia's logo, which means it meets their best-practice standards. Released in 2007, this blend has grown in popularity each year due to its delicious flavour and the increased demand for delicious gluten-free breakfast options. It does not contain blandness! Want more info?

2.7 kg pack = 54 serves.

five-grain porridge 

This unique porridge blend is perfect for papa, mama and baby bear tastes and appetites. Make breakfast an unforgettable part of your customer's experience with this blend which combines heirloom wholegrain varieties of rye, barley, triticale and spelt with traditional rolled oats. It also makes a fantastic Bircher muesli base for your summer menu. Want more info?

3 kg pack = 99 serves.

honey roasted muesli crumble

This blend with rose petals and seven aromatic spices, is slow roasted in Aussie bush honey to create a most delicious crumble. For breakfast, serve with fresh seasonal berries and icy cold milk. It also works beautifully as a parfait with apple puree and yogurt. For a dreamy dessert crumble, sprinkle over poached fruits with a dollop of yogurt, cream or ice cream. Want more info?

800 g pack = 16 serves.
2.4 kg pack = 48 serves.