Looking for a healthy fundraiser?

Here's a smart solution for your school, pre-school or junior sports club! Smart Snacks, 100+ quick and nutritious recipes for surviving the school years, written by Michael Carr-Gregg and Flip Shelton, is the perfect opportunity to raise money AND provide your community with lots of healthy inspiration.

Smart Snacks

Why this is smart, easy fundraising

We have created downloadable A4 and A3 posters as well as A5 flyers for you to use during your fundraising drive.

There are no minimum orders and no upfront costs. Simply order and pay for what you need at the end of your fundraising drive. 

The books are delivered free to you one week after you have paid for your order.

Your pre-school, school or sporting club makes $5 profit per book sold. (How? You sell the books to your community for $22, but we charge you $17 including GST.)

4 simple steps

  1. Download our promotional posters and flyers for your fundraising drive and start your fundraising drive. (We recommend 2-3 weeks as the ideal amount of time.)

  2. Collect money and orders from your pre-school, kinder, school or sporting club. (Qkr! is a simple way to collect money and track orders.)

  3. Email your order to flip@flipshelton.com.au. An invoice will be issued and payment required before the books are dispatched.

  4. We deliver to your pre-school, kinder, school or sporting club free of charge in metro Melbourne* in 5 working days from the time of payment.^

Smart Fundraising flyer

Download your printable promotional poster and flyer, print them, put them up and hand them out at your school, pre-school or sports club.

To print A3, select 'Print actual size' and select A3 paper tray.

To print A4, select 'Fit to page' and select A4 paper tray.

Download promo flyer A5

To print A5, select 'Print actual size' and select A4 paper tray.


  1. How much does Smart Snacks cost normally?
    Book stores charge a range of prices however the publisher's recommended retail price is $24.99. 

  2. Is this book suitable for individuals in our community who have food intolerances and allergies?
    Yes! Each recipe in this book is identified if it is gluten-, dairy-, egg-, wheat-, nut- or grain- free making it super easy for parents and carers and the kids themselves know what they can make and eat.

  3. What’s so special about this book?
    This book is unique in that combines the parenting wit and wisdom from one of Australia’s leading psychologists and best-selling author, Michael Carr-Gregg and the simple and easy recipes created by Flip Shelton, a mum and foodie, in this her third cookbook.  Smart Snacks also has chapters on “How to Snack Well”, “Time & Cost Saving Tips” and “Dealing with the Stress of Study”.

  4. Can I read some reviews about this book?
    Certainly. The book has received plenty of positive publicity in newspapers and magazines, and reviews by food reviewers including Singapore’s leading parenting website, Honey Kids Asia. See flipsmuesli.com.au/publicity

  5. Can our school/sporting club reduce the amount we sell Smart Snacks for?
    Yes, you can reduce your profit margin, however our sale price of $17 incl. GST remains the same.

  6. What if we want some more books?
    You can simply use the online order form and place a second (or third!) order.

  7. Is there a minimum order?
    No, you can order as many or as few books as you like.

  8. Does Flip Shelton do school talks and healthy cooking classes?
    Yes she does. Please contact her directly on email.

  9. Does Michael Carr-Gregg do school talks?
    Yes he does. Please contact him directly on email. 

  10. Got another question not answered here?
    Contact Flip Shelton on flip@flipshelton.com.au

(*) Freight charges may apply to some regional areas. Please ask about this.
(^) Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, however we aim to get the books to you within 5 working days. Urgent deliveries can be organised with a small additional charge.